Operation aborted because SYS:SYSTEM\PRODUCTS.DAT could not be accessed

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Archived Content: This information is no longer maintained and is provided 'as is' for your convenience.


Novell NetWare 4.11

Novell NetWare 5.x

Novell NetWare 6

Formerly KB 2910372.


Operation aborted because SYS:SYSTEM\PRODUCTS.DAT could not be accessed

Error: "NWMKDE-58:  The file LAST_SEG.LOG cannot be opened in the log segment directory SYS:SYSTEM\MKDE\LOGS."
For NetWare 5.x, this message will be on the server console.  For NetWare 6, it will be on the logger screen.

Cannot install a Support Pack or product from INSTALL / NWCONFIG

When choosing Product Options from the Install Menu, the following error message is returned: "Operation aborted because SYS:SYSTEM\PRODUCTS.DAT could not be accessed <press ESCAPE to continue>".


Any of the following could cause this error (in order of most likely to least likely):
1. The PRODUCTS.DAT or BTRIEVE.TRN files are flagged as read only.
2. The PRODUCTS.DAT file is corrupt.
3. The BTRIEVE.TRN file is corrupt.
4. There is not enough memory to load BTRIEVE.NLM.
5. BTRIEVE is not set up to handle enough open files.
6. BTRIEVE.NLM may be corrupt.
7. SYS:SYSTEM\MKDE\LOGS\LAST_SEG.LOG is corrupt or cannot be opened (NetWare 5.x and 6.x only)


Try the following solutions for the corresponding numbered cause:
1. Flag the PRODUCTS.DAT and BTRIEVE.TRN files as read write.
2. Delete or rename the PRODUCTS.DAT file and begin the installation again. PRODUCTS.DAT will be recreated.
3. Unload BTRIEVE.NLM, delete or rename the BTRIEVE.TRN file, and reload BTRIEVE.NLM. BTRIEVE.TRN will be recreated.
4. Install more memory or unload unnecessary NLMs.
5. Load BSetup, choose Available Options, select Set Configuration, and then change the # of Open Files to the desired number.
6. Delete or rename BTRIEVE.NLM and install new copy.
7. Rename SYS:SYSTEM\MKDE\LOGS\LAST_SEG.LOG to LAST_SEG.OLD and reboot the server.  It will create a new LAST_SEG.LOG. (NetWare 5.x and 6)

On NetWare 5.x, if none of these steps fix the problem then install the latest version of Btrieve from Pervasive.  These files are actually bundled in NetWare 5 Support Pack 5 in the TOOLS\PERVASIV directory.  To install the new version run the INSTALL.BAT in the PERVASIV directory from a workstation.