What is RconsoleJ?

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What is RconsoleJ?

How to Rconsole to a NW5 server in Pure IP?


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Novell NetWare 5.0


RConsoleJ is a Java based program used at the workstation or server to gain access to a local or remote target server's console through an IP connection. RCONAG6 has to be enables first before RConsoleJ can connect.

Note: You can refer to TID 2941341 (How to RCONSOLE to a NW5 server in Pure IP) on the usage of RCONAG6.

During an RConsoleJ session, you can load and unload modules and execute console commands. You cannot transfer files to or from a server.

IMPORTANT: For security reasons, the version of RConsoleJ included in the initial release of NetWare 5 must be used inside firewalls.

You can launch RConsoleJ using one of the following methods:

1. ConsoleOne -> select server object -> Tools -> Remote Console

2. NWADMN32 -> Tools -> Pure IP Remote Console


4. RCONJ.NCF from the server console


The syntax for RConsoleJ is as follows. We do not recommend this complicated method.

RConsoleJ agent [agent port] [-sync] [-proxy proxy [proxy port] [-tcp | -spx] ]

You can use the following keystrokes during a remote console session. All other keys function as if you were at the server console.

1. ALT + F1
Access the drop-down list of target server console screens

2. ALT + F2
Cycle to the next target server console screen

3. ALT + F3
Cycle to the previous target server console screen

For more information on RCONPRXY.NLM, you can refer to TID 2942078 (What is RCONPRXY.NLM in NetWare 5 ?).

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