How to use the NIOS.LOG with Client32 for Windows 95 or DOS/Windows Clients.

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How to use the NIOS.LOG with Client32 for Windows 95 or DOS/Windows Clients.

How to capture client32 login.

How do I enable the client32 log.txt file.

Where is the client32 initialization log file.

How to troubleshoot the client32 bootup.


Novell Client32 for Windows95

Novell Client32 for DOS/Win

Formerly KB 2909661

Use the NIOS.LOG with Client32 for troubleshooting. (Client32 for DOS/Win or Client32 for Windows95)


To Enable the Log file for the Windows 95 Client:

1. Edit the SYSTEM.INI file on the Client32 workstation and add the parameter found below in the [386Enh] section. Use the following capitalization:

2. In Client32 for Windows95, under Advanced Settings of the Client32 Properties, change the following parameters:
    "Log file" - enter the path and filename.
    "Log file size" - enter the size in bytes.

To Enable the Log file for DOS/Windows Client:

1. Run NIOS.EXE with the /L parameter. This will allow the Client to create a NIOS.LOG file in the C:\NOVELL\CLIENT32 directory which will give you more detailed information to help troubleshoot the problem.

2. To change the path and name of the log file, use the "Log file" parameter. To change the size of the file, use the "Log file size" parameter. In Client32 for DOS/Win, edit the NET.CFG as follows:
    NetWare DOS Requester
    Log file=path\filename
    Log file size=60000



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