How does Watch Dog occur with a NetWare 5 Pure IP or CMD Client?

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  • 4.0.14429279.2261672
  • 04-Aug-1999
  • 09-Oct-2002

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Novell NetWare 5.0

Pure IP Client and Watch Dog


How does Watch Dog occur with a NetWare 5 Pure IP or CMD Client?

Is there any watch dogging if TCP is the preferred protocol?

Is there any watch dogging using IP with IPX Compatibility client?

Will there be NCP TCP watch dogging going on between my CMD client and a SCMD gateway server since that communication is UDP?


In a pure ip environment, the SET NCP TCP KEEP ALIVE INTERVAL parameter is used to monitor the tcp connections to the NetWare 5 server. You can change these defaults through monitor under the SLP information or through using the set command. As far as IPX compatibility (SCMD) is concerned, the connection being made is IPX. You are either connecting to another 4.11 server using IPX or the 5 server using IPX. The point is that the connection will be IPX and the normal watchdog utilities will function fine for those connections.

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