How to Remove a Directory Services Replica from a NetWare Server.

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Archived Content: This information is no longer maintained and is provided 'as is' for your convenience.


How to Remove a Directory Services Replica from a NetWare Server.


 Sometimes there are problems with a replica and it needs to be removed from the server that it is on. Many times this cannot be done from NDS Manager, especially if the replica is not in an ON state. When trying it gives errors and will not remove it.


There is a way this replica can still be removed without having to call Novell Technical Support. It involves a two-step process using DSRepair.

1. On the server that is having the problem with the replica, load DSRepair with the -A switch which will show the option we will want to use. Once in DSRepair go to Advanced Options | Replica and Partition Operations. Highlight the replica that is needing to be deleted, and Enter on it. There should be an option about two thirds of the way down the menu to Destroy the selected replica on this server. Choose that and enter the admin name and password and it should delete the replica at that point, leaving you with a log of what the server did. At this point you need to run a local DS repair, you might have to repeat this process depending on if you still see the replica or not. If it is still a replica on the server you have to destroy and run a repair again.
WARNING: If you try to destroy a replica on a server that must, at a minimum, have a subordinate reference, then the destroy will create the sub ref and not remove the replica.

2. The second part of the process involves the other servers in the partition's replica ring. By doing the Destroy selected replica on the problem server it was removed from that server itself, but it is still a part of the replica ring on the other servers in the ring and they will continue to try to synchronize with that server until it is removed from the ring. It can be removed from the replica ring by entering DSRepair also with a -A on any server in the replica ring (preferably the master of that partition). Go to Advanced Options | Replica and Partition
Operations. Highlight the partition and Enter, then View replica ring. You should see the server whose replica was removed still listed in the ring. Highlight that server and Enter. Choose the option to Remove this server from the replica ring, and follow the directions. Once the server has been removed from this server's replica ring it should then synch out the change to the other servers in the ring. This should be done automatically on
its own, but it is sometimes a good idea to double check the other servers to ensure that it was successful. Depending on the speed of communication on these servers, it may synch out very
quickly or it may take some time. The process can sometimes be speeded up using the *H switch of DSTrace, as follows:
set dstrace=on
set dstrace=+s
set dstrace=*h

These 2 steps should clear the replica that is having the problem. If that replica needs to be added back to the server at any time, it should be OK to do so, as long as the synchronization is OK with all the servers currently in the ring. This can be done from Partition Manager or NDS Manager.