How to configure an NDPS printer to service a queue.

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How to configure an NDPS printer to service a queue.


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Queue based printing.

Novell Distributed Print Services (NDPS) 2.0


Want to service a NetWare queue using NDPS.


To configure an NDPS printer agent to service jobs from a native NetWare print queue, perform the following steps:

1 . The NDPS printer agent must be created as a controlled access printer, with access granted to the appropriate users. You can not configure a public access printer to service a NetWare queue.
2. Open the printer object in NWADMN32 by double-clicking on the NDPS printer object or selecting the object and using the Object | Details menu.  This will display the printer control dialog.
3. From the printer control dialog, select "Jobs" | "Spooling Configuration ...".
4. In the section entitled "Service Jobs from NetWare Queues", click on Add, and select the desired queue object.

To remove an association, go back into the "Spooling Configuration ..." dialog and use the "Delete" button to remove an existing NetWare queue association.

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