Volume object is Unknown or Missing

  • 10011981
  • 4.0.3106698.2235653
  • 17-Jul-1999
  • 02-Jan-2003

Archived Content: This information is no longer maintained and is provided 'as is' for your convenience.


Novell NetWare 4.11

Novell NetWare 5.0

Novell NetWare 5.1

Novell NetWare 6.0


Volume object is Unknown or Missing

Volume objects missing in NWADMIN.

Volume object was deleted in NWAdmin.

Error:  "The selected server could not be found"

Volume object has incorrect information within the details of the object.

Unable to open the volume object and access the file system

Error:"The volume object is unknown, missing or has incorrect information"

The volume object is unknown, missing or has incorrect information within the details of the object.


1.  First try and repair the volume objects.  Load DSREPAIR, advanced options, check volume objects and trustees.  This will attempt to relink and repair the volume object if possible. 

2.  If the volume objects still have errors or are unknown, then Delete the volume objects, using ConsoleOne, NWADMIN or NETADMIN.  Please look at the NOTES section below for all implications of deleting the volume objects before you delete them.  Load DSREPAIR,  Advanced Options, Check volume objects and trustees. This should recreate the volume objects.  Error report will show the error count equivalent to the number of mounted volumes.  Run again to verify.  The second running of check volume objects and trustees should report back 0 errors.

3.  Delete the objects then reinstall the volumes by loading INSTALL / NWCONFIG | Directory Options | upgrade mounted volumes into the directory.

If the volume object will not create, try running a VREPAIR on the volume and then run through steps 1-3 again.

A.   Deleting and recreating a volume object will cause the following to happen.  
  1.  Corrupts all print queues on the volumes for which volume object you have deleted and recreated.  
  2.  The Home_Directory pointer for users which home directory is on the deleted and recreated volume object gets cleared.  This pointer is typically used in login scripts to map to a users home directory.  You must reassign that pointer under the user object's environment tab.
  3. You have the possibility to lose trustee directory assignments, which may have to be recreated or restored from tape backup.
  4.  May affect ZEN Application objects pointing to applications on that volume.
  5.  May affect Directroy Map objects pointing to that volume.
  6.  NDPS Manager will go unknown if you delete the volume object.  The NDPS manager needs to pointed to another volume before deleting the volume.

B.  If you recreate the volume objects through INSTALL.NLM (NWCONFIG.NLM), then you WILL LOSE TRUSTEE DIRECTORY ASSIGNMENTS.  Letting DSREPAIR recreate the volume objects through Check Volume Objects and Trustees is the best approach at saving the trustee directory assignments.

C.  Someone may have accidently or intentionally placed an IRF blocking the browse rights to the object.  Use the hidden object locator tool to see if they are present but hidden.  Do a search for HOBJLOC.ZIP at Cool Solutions (https://www.novell.com/coolsolutions/freetools.html#sectH)