Upgrade from NetWare 4.10 to NetWare 4.11 and upgrade the hardware ( DSMAINT )

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Upgrade from NetWare 4.10 to NetWare 4.11 and upgrade the hardware ( DSMAINT )


Novell NetWare 4.10

Novell NetWare 4.11

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- The new 4.11 server has to be on the same LAN when restoring DS because it has to communicate with other servers containing a replica

- The replica rings in which the server participates in cannot change or the procedure will fail.

- The BACKUP.DS has to be renamed to BACKUP.NDS for the new 4.11 server.

- Need to Re-configure another time provider. ( You should not perform this on a time provider, only on a SECONDARY).

*** Caution: Any replica information cannot change during the DSMAINT process. Make sure all servers are up and communicating before doing this operation. You will probably have to run "Check Volume Objects and Trustees" found in DSREPAIR under Advanced options.

Before you begin the process, make sure that you have a current, valid backup of your DS and File system.


1. Upgrade the DS.NLM to current revision on the 4.10 server.

2. Run DSREPAIR.NLM to repair local database on the local 4.10 server to make sure database is error free.

3. Login to the 4.10 server as Admin from a workstation.

4. Run DSMAINT.NLM (LOAD DSMAINT - Prepare NDS for hardware upgrade).

5. Copy BACKUP.DS from SYS:System to local workstation and rename it to BACKUP.NDS (for new 4.11 server).

6. Power off the old 4.10 server or remove if from the LAN.

7. Install NW 4.11 on the new server and install NDS into it's own tree (use a unique name and IPX address).

8. Login to new server as Admin, copy the BACKUP.NDS file to the SYS:System directory of new 4.11 server.

9. Remove DS from the replacement server via install (DO NOT REMOVE DS FROM THE ORIGINAL SERVER).

10. Edit the AUTOEXEC.NCF on the replacement server. Rename new 4.11 server and internal IPX number to match old NW 4.10 server and change the server to be a SECONDARY time source in the AUTOEXEC.NCF.

11. Restart the server with new name and IPX number.

12. Load INSTALL.NLM (on the replacement server) go to directory options -> directory backup and restore options -> restore DS after hardware upgrade.

13. Directory Services should now be restored to 4.11 server and functional. (may login to verify).

14. Restore directory structure to new server from an SMS compliant tape backup, thus transferring files and trustee assignment from old server to new server.