Move a domain or post office to another server?

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Move a domain or post office to another server?

Move a domain or post office to another volume?


Novell GroupWise 5.0

Novell GroupWise 5.1

Novell GroupWise 5.2

Novell GroupWise 5.5

Novell GroupWise 6.0

Novell NetWare Administrator

GroupWise Agents


Please read all the information below before proceeding.

1. Have all users log out of the system, make sure no backup software or antivirus software is running (They could have a lock on a file which would prevent the file from being moved). Unload the GroupWise agents (MTA, POA, and gateways if moving the domain.

2. Copy the domain and/or post office directories to the new volume/server where you want it to reside.  (Make sure when moving the post office with NCOPY or another copy utility, that all the subdirectories are included in the copy.)  If using Document Management please determine where your documents are being stored.  This can be done by going into NWADMN32 (if using 5.5) or NWADMN95 (if using strictly 5.2.x), highlighting the Library object, going into details of that object, and choosing the Storage Areas page option.  (If the documents are being stored in the post office they should be copied when you copy the post office.)

The Software Distribution directory may have to be copied as well depending on your needs.

3. Give users appropriate rights to the new directory if they will access the post office in direct mode (See Tid 2927144).  If they will be accessing the post office via Client/Server please provide Read and Filescan to the post office and it's subdirectories.

4. In NetWare Administrator | Tools | GroupWise System Operations | System Connection, connect to the domain database in the new location.  If you are not able to access the GroupWise objects information, regraft the GroupWise objects.

5. Change the path of the domain and/or post office object in NetWare Administrator to the new UNC path.  Update any IP address changes for the agents.  Then go into System Operations | Software Directory Management and correct the path to the Software Distribution Directory.  If using Document Management change the UNC path to the new location so that the documents can be found (do not use Long Names when naming the directory on the new server/volume).

6.  Install the agents onto the new server (this does not need to be done if moving the post office to a new volume on the same server).  The install program is located in the AGENTS subdirectory of the software distribution directory.  The installation of the agents may prompt you to load the new agents.  If you are using Document Management uncheck the option to load the agents.


If you copied the agents and startup files from the previous server to the new one make sure to edit the startup files.  You will need to correct the /HOME switch to point it to the new location.  If you had other switches they may need to be corrected/updated.

7. Load the GroupWise agents (If using Document Management you will need to load the POA using the /NOCONFIG, /USER, and /PASSWORD at least one time to let the admin changes made in the previous steps to propagate down to the post office.  Once the POA has had a chance to settle down unload the POA and load it without the switches)

In some cases the POA may startup with a DF17, F107, or F103 which means it can't access the remote storage area of the documents.  So if you followed the number 8 step above and are still getting the DF17 you will need to continue using the /NOCONFIG, /USER, /PASSWORD switches.  It may be necessary to send in copies of your primary domain, wphost.db, and ngwguard.db databases to Support.  The engineer will also need the location of the old storage area, the new storage area, and the name of the Library.

8. Configure the clients with the new path for the post office or new tcp\ip address.

9. Edit the HOSTS file to make sure that it contains the new server's ip address.

10. There are two options for gateways after the owning domain is moved:

       a.  You can delete and reinstall all gateways under the domain after the it is moved.

       b.  You can simply regraft the domains, post offices and gateways after moving the domain.