Support Portals Update 2021

In early 2021 Micro Focus will launch:

These will replace the following existing portals:

The new portals will provide the foundation for Micro Focus Support and will allow us to focus our resources to serve customers’ needs most effectively.

Key Questions

Will my login change?

Access control for the new portals will be powered by Access Manager™, so you can use the same login credentials across many Micro Focus websites.

What about accessing my cases and products?

Our intention is to provide you with the same access to Support cases, downloads, and licenses as you have in existing portals.

Access to cases will be managed in the Support Portal and access to downloads and licenses will be managed in the Software Licenses and Downloads portal. Customer administrators will have the ability to manage user access (similar to existing Admin users in Customer Center or Primary Support Contacts for Attachmate).

What about my case history?

Support cases created since 1 November 2016 and open cases will be migrated.

Where can I learn more?

Continue checking Support Help for more detailed information coming soon.