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Micro Focus Support provides access to the knowledge base, documentation, Community and more. Use these self-service resources first to rapidly find a solution for many issues.

Request Assistance

If you cannot resolve your issue using self-help resources and have a current maintenance and support plan for your product, you can open a case with Support.

For low and medium severity issues, report an incident in the Support portal. For high severity issues, call us at the telephone numbers listed below.

Support will be able to assist you most effectively if you provide the following information:

Global Support Centers

United States +1-301-838-5400 Toll-free +1-800-632-6265
Singapore +65-3163-9090  
United Kingdom +44-1635-565-784 Toll-free 0800-783-5674


USA & Canada +1-800-632-6265
USA & Canada +1-301-838-5400
Argentina +54 115 985 0245 (Spanish)
Brazil +55-11-4858-2889 (Portuguese)
Mexico 1-800-123-3488 (Spanish)

Asia Pacific

Australia 1-800-444-050
China 400 882 2840
Japan 0120-090985

Europe, Middle East and Africa

Austria0800-293-537 (German)
Belgium0800-11-279 (French)
Belgium0800-11-283 (German)
France0800-917-355 (French)
Germany0800-180-0971 (German)
Italy800-784-421 (Italian)
Luxembourg800-24720 (French)
Luxembourg800-24710 (German)
Portugal800-880-523 (Portuguese)
Spain+34-900-934-459 (Spanish)
Switzerland0800-564-248 (German)
Switzerland0800-564-246 (French)
United Kingdom0800-783-5674
United Kingdom+44-1635-565784
United Kingdom+44-1635-565693 (French)
United Kingdom+44-1635-565692 (German)
United Kingdom+44-1635-565685 (Italian)
United Kingdom+44-1635-565680 (French)
United Kingdom+44-1635-937611 (Spanish)